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Building strong, healthy and sustainable communities through research
What We Do

Community Mobilization and Capacity Building

Community mobilization is at the heart of all the work that we do. We involve community members in identifying issues affecting them and developing innovative solutions. We work with key stakeholders to mobilize resources within and outside a community, and promote community ownership of programs and initiatives.

Applied Research

Applied research forms the basis of the work we do. Novell Community Development Solutions (NCDS), promotes the use of research findings as basis for program development. Health, social, economic, and environmental research findings drive our work in communities. Research-driven approaches to community development ensure that a community’s unique characteristics as well as learnings from other jurisdictions inform decisions and program development. 

Program Development and Implementation

Our program development activities include needs analysis, and developmental evaluation. These tools are complementary to research-based program development. They ensure that our programs are based on sound logic, and that program activities are linked to their intended outcomes. 

Monitoring and Evaluation

Program monitoring and evaluation are integral parts of our community work. Program monitoring and evaluation allow the continuous assessment of community interventions to ensure accountability, efficiency and effectiveness. We develop program monitoring systems and conduct process and outcome evaluations. Monitoring ensures accountability, process evaluation keeps a program on track towards achieving its intended outcomes, while outcome evaluation enables an assessment of whether a program is achieving its outcomes or not. Monitoring and evaluation involve ongoing data collection in ways that account for resources, and establish relationships between program activities and outcomes.

Facilitation and Moderation

NCDS uses facilitation and moderation principles, tools and techniques in a coordinated fashion to assist communities in clarifying their goals and objectives, and designing a process for achieving those goals and objectives.

Enhancing the well-being of community members is one of the key objectives of community development. Communities are dynamic because they are made up of groups of people connected by a common interest.  However, because community members sometimes have different perspectives to an issue, the important process of building common objectives can sometimes be challenging.  A facilitator or  moderator enhances communication and conversation so that the collective aspirations of the community can be reflected in common objectives.

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