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Building strong, healthy and sustainable communities through research

HIV and AIDS Program

We develop and implement community-specific responses to HIV and AIDS. Our projects include HIV and AIDS community planning and service development.

*      HIV and AIDS community planning: community mobilization, capacity building, needs analysis, action planning, and evaluation

*      HIV and AIDS service development: support for families affected by HIV and AIDS, care for people who are living with HIV and AIDS, HIV and AIDS education for community members, workshops for community agencies

*      HIV and AIDS orphan support: support for children who have been orphaned by HIV and AIDS

Health Promotion Program

Our health promotion programs focus on disability, care for seniors, mental health and addictions. These programs focus on mitigating challenges and creating opportunities.

 Social Empowerment Program

The social empowerment program aims at increasing the capacity of individuals and groups to make choices and tranform those choices into desired actions and outcomes. The program focuses on the following areas:

*      Women and children’s issues

*     Youth issues

*      Cultural diversity and inclusion

*      Leadership development

*      Relationship building for families and communities

Sustainable Development Program

The aim of our Sustainable Development Program is to support communities to become socially and economically viable, and environmentally sustainable. We work with communities to develop and implement projects that meet their present needs without compromising their ability for future growth. The sustainable development program involves: smart communities, community infill, local economic development initiatives, and livable communities.  

Environmental Program

Our environmental programs focus on the relationship between the environment and human health. We work with communities to develop and implement projects on environmental education; reduction of the emission of Green House Gases; environmental protection; assessment, monitoring and conservation of endangered urban wildlife and plant species; green space connectivity and maintenance of recreation areas; and controlling the proliferation of invasive plant and wildlife species.

*      Environmental education: curriculum, module and education material development, training, capacity building, workshops, conferences and seminars

*      Climate change: household hazardous waste management and recycling, improving energy efficiency, promoting green energy and green homes, tree planting, and controlling deforestation

*      Environmental protection: water protection, protection of ecologically sensitive areas such as wetlands, parks, river valleys, greenways, ground water recharge and discharge areas, protection of river and tributary corridors, protection and enhancement of natural features, protection of old woodland (> 50 years)and aquatic communities

*      Biodiversity conservation: assessment and monitoring of vegetation and wildlife species, including Species At Risk, ecological restoration, development of community-based conservation strategies, training, natural resource management, and development of protected areas management plans

*      Green space connectivity: promoting and helping to maintain recreation areas, linking green spaces, and developing and maintaining green fields

*      Invasive species: assessment and monitoring of invasive species, and decreasing their proliferation


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